Customer Reviews

I quit smoking cigarettes 4 years ago. I just had a CT scan of my lungs required by Medicare. The scan came back, to quote my doctor, "pristine ". I am writing to tell people about this because when I quit smoking cigarettes, I started vaping. I only use Hilton Head Vapes because I trust the quality of their product and how helpful they were and still are. I highly recommend them if you are considering vaping.

I went specifically looking for beer based on previous reviews/comments I saw online. This place is definitely small and Vape focused. That said, for what it was it had a surprisingly good beer selection. I have family in Hilton Head and it's always tough finding craft beer when I visit. The selection of local/craft was better than anything else I've seen to date. I walked away with about a case worth of four packs and could have bought more that had interested me.

I have never been treated so well by any store! They are extremely knowledgeable about their products and so friendly! I highly recommend this place. They have so much patience for any and all questions. This establishment is so clean that you can eat off the floor! Beautifully decorated. Easy to see from Fording Island. Prices are way cheaper than anyone else in the same business.

My first experience with the vaping thing. I cannot say enough about the staff and their vast amount of knowledge and commitment to their industry. Start to finish they listened to my goals and suggested appropriate measures and equipment...these folks are top shelf.

Every time I come in to Hilton Head Vapes, it's as the expression goes, "Another day in paradise". I come there sometimes just to escape reality because it's such a welcoming environment to be in. It's very refreshing during the work day. I've been going there since their inception and I have to say, I refuse to go anywhere else in the area. They always keep me updated on new products and they're very knowledgeable about vaping. (Like what they recommend to purchase within a certain budget, or certain product you're looking for to help you enjoy your vaping experience.) The people of Hilton Head Vapes are like family and they give you that same customer service every time you come in. Like family. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, But thanks to Hilton Head Vapes, I know they got my back every time I need help.

I'd like to thank the guys at Hilton Head Vapes for helping me get the juice I needed! I spent some time looking and tasting different juices until I found the one I really liked. Unfortunately they were out of stock of that juice " Crack Pie". One of the guys actually gave me the 30ml he had, that was his personally. Very knowledgeable and friendly people! 5/5 Excellent! Thank you!

Great freshly made juice, wide selection of high end gear, no Chinese knock-offs sold here. The staff is knowledgeable and very accommodating, they let me try several different mods and juices before buying. Whether your looking to quit smoking or already an avid vaper this newly opened shop is definitely worth checking out.

A few months ago I'd call all these hot shot tobacco stores in hilton head and bluffton asking if they carried any electronic vape stuff. Some of them laughed, some of them rudely said no, and some hung up in my face. Hilton Head Island has been needing this store for quite some time now. So very glad to have you here and I love this store.

I love this store! I at least go in once a week! I quit smoking cigarettes as soon as I got my electronic cig! I'm proud of myself, but never could have done it without this awesome place! If you are a smoker wanting to stop, definitely worth visiting this store- - ask about vapping! By the way, the people that own are awesome people & very friendly!! Have fun vappin'!!!!!

I drive here all the way from Beaufort. The shops in Beaufort never seem to have a good selection of juice or hardware. HHV always has a great selection of hardware and juice. They also have some of the best house juice I've had. Keep up the good work!!

If first impression is everything, these guys are awesome!! They just opened up so there inventory isn't that big yet, but they definitely have all the essentials, and there e-juice is awesome!! They are also very military friendly which goes a long way in my opinion. I recommend checking them out. I know I will be back.

Let's start with they are chemist and can personalize your Vape juice like no one else! Josh is so knowledgeable about vaping it will blow your mind. Fabulous wine and beer selection.

Very friendly and helpful staff. Large variety and selection to choose from. Staff is always willing to take the time to make sure you have a pleasant experience and give proper instruction on your purchase.

Great store. Awesome customer service and their prices are not expensive at all. Do not buy a kit from the gas station, go to this will be much happier with your vaping experience.

Best vape shop in town, awesome people, and great juice selection

I'm hooked already. It definitely made quitting cigarettes easy. Took my last carton and a half of cigarettes to the homeless shelter. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work.